Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Unusual Circumstances require a meeting

It's been a while, but I'm still around -- just really busy. I guess it's good to be busy because it gives me the chance to practice objectivity. Or at least it's a distraction from what I'm really upset about.
So I've had a few events of what we in RI might call "unusual circumstances." I really never found a specific definition of this term. If I had one of my books with me right now, I'd look it up and I apologize in advance for being so vague about it. In my mind, however, unusual circumstances means events that are still trivialities but might not be average everyday occurrences for every single person. For instance, if I have the flu, it's a triviality but still, I don't have the flu every day.
I'll get to the point: so I had some circumstances that to me seemed unusual but not in the realm of the nontriviality. A few people I know were ill and then I had a personal disappointment. I started feeling lowered tones and getting irritable and a little panicky, too. I wanted to avoid letting these symptoms turn into a vicious cycle, so I decided to go to a meeting.
When I walked in the meeting room, several people had already gathered in a circle of chairs. Many of them were familiar faces. It wasn't my usual meeting, although I used to attend it regularly before starting my own meeting. After a few minutes of sitting there, I started to feel better. Giving my own example helped a lot, but listening to the other examples and spotting on those really helped me by becoming more objective. It's so much easier to see temper in someone else than in yourself, but then you find the spots apply to your circumstances -- usual or unusual -- as well.
By the end of the meeting, my lowered tones had vanished and along with it, my irritability as well. I still had to cope with some of the unusual circumstances, but they no longer felt as burdensome.
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